Punch-Counterpunch: The (Possible) Debt Ceiling Resolution

Punch-Counterpunch is a regular feature of the Bad Apples Blog, pitting conservative pundit Jack Hammer (and his massive balls) against sandal-wearing liberal Fox P. Wisconsin. Because Mr. Wisconsin is a pacifist and terrified of conflict, we let him go first.


So wait a second. After months of total Republican intransigence to raising the debt ceiling, after months of completely refusing to capitulate to any Democratic request or compromise, after months of making hostages out of everything from old people’s government-provided pittances to the full faith and credit of the United States, all of a sudden the Republicans are going to reverse course and make the debt limit increases the default option?

What exactly happened here? Did their Wall Street friends suddenly dial up the phone and tell these morons just how bad their retirement portfolios were going to look if they went through with their plan to stop the US from paying its bills?


Um, actually, yes. That’s pretty much exactly what happened.

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